Aplicor Values


1. We create a clear, simple, reality-based, customer-focused vision and communicate it to all constituents.


2. We live accountability and commitment. We set and meet aggressive targets … always with unyielding integrity.


3. We act decisively, not impulsively.


4. We have the self-confidence to empower others and behave in a boundaryless-ness fashion… we are open to ideas from anywhere.


5. We have a passion for excellence. We hate bureaucracy and all the nonsense that comes with it.


6. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and take pride in world-class quality in everything we do. We pursue excellence as an ever-evolving target. In our commitment to excellence, we continually ask for and give feedback. We pay attention to details because quality demands it.


7. We stimulate and relish change. We are not frightened or paralyzed by it. We see change as opportunity, not threat.


8. We have enormous energy and the ability to energize and invigorate others. We understand speed is our competitive advantage and we recognize the benefits we all realize by our focus on speed.


9. We hold each other and ourselves accountable. We honor our word. We show up with integrity. What we say is what we mean; and what we mean is what we do.


10. We have the capacity to develop global brains, global sensitivity and we build diverse global teams.