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  Cost savings in the warehouse is essential today as competition gets more intense and the distribution process has more demands. When you’re already working on a budget, you may worry doing cost-cutting would degrade the way your warehouse functions. This isn’t true when you smartly streamline operations. By ridding yourself of anything extraneous and […]

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Costing methods offer a business different ways to assign costs for inventory. Smart businesses explore all of the different costing methods available: FIFO, LIFO, average and standard. The good news is that you are free to choose whichever costing method will work best for your business—the bad news is that once you’ve selected your method of cost accounting, you’re stuck with it.

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  The unpredictability of the soft goods market can wreak havoc with the ability to successfully meet client demand, and is a business aspect many distributors and wholesalers struggle with. Soft good demand, generally referring to products created via textiles, fluctuates based upon diverse and ever-changing trends and material availability. Therefore, the ability to provide […]

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Did you know that wine and spirit wholesalers account for more than 63,000 jobs, paying $4.95 billion in wages? That’s not all; little-known fun facts abound when it comes to food and beverage distribution!

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Proper management of a warehouse requires a combination of useful resources and management skills, including a high level of organization, innovative software implementation and an aptitude for interpersonal relations. The warehouse regulates the physical flow of goods and products and is the forefront for quality control.

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If you want a monumental problem to solve, how about the proliferation of counterfeit drugs across the world? These days, with product sales possible over the Internet, a greater volume of high-cost medications, and better counterfeiting technology, the counterfeit drug manufacturing and distribution business is certainly on the rise. According to one recent PBS piece, counterfeit prescription drugs have become an “exploding” industry, with an estimated market worth $75 billion worldwide.

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Line-of-business applications, as with most things, go through cycles. In the early days, you had separate financial applications, best of breed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and separate Warehouse Management Systems. If you had a storefront, it was a custom application, built by early web developers. Then these pieces started to get consolidated, first by companies acquiring the pieces and integrating them, then they started to build all the functionality on one platform.