We’re Looking For SaaS Sales Superstars Who Want To Retire As Millionaires In Less Than Five Years.

  • You are daring, bold and gutsy
  • You have a track record of successfully cold-calling owners of small to medium sized businesses…
  • And closing ERP/CRM or other mission-critical business solutions valued from $250k-$3mm per deal
  • You are skilled at leading “discovery-teams” and qualifying prospects by uncovering pains that drive substantial ROI
  • You have mastered the qualifying steps (P$D) and can articulate and enforce an elegant Up Front Contract
  • You have prior W2 earnings of at least $200k with a lifestyle that demands triple that
  • You want to work with for an extraordinary company, with extraordinary people, closing deals in an extraordinary way
  • You want to help build a successful company from the ground up and cash out your stock options for millions in less than five years
  • You are energized when prospects slam doors; you get around NOs creatively and without rejection
  • You get new business appointments even though you don’t have a known brand-name on your business card.
  • You see yourself as being:
    • Decisive
    • Pioneering
    • Competitive
    • Positive
    • Assertive
    • Confident
    • Winner
    • Good at bonding with all personality styles
  • You are self-directed and can operate from anywhere
  • Must have a working knowledge of Business Process Improvement software, or a working knowledge of SaaS.

If this describes you, contact me and leave me a compelling message as to why I should speak to you.

Kent Malinowski
Phone: 561-712-1950

But you’d better call fast.  Because we’re on a fast track and we’re looking for runners.

Aplicor provides our customers with cloud-enabled applications to drive their core processes, allowing them to concentrate on building revenue and profitability. By leveraging our expertise in the wholesale/distribution and financial service industries, our customers can invest strategically in their resources, capital and time. Aplicor customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and ecommerce are all accessible through the cloud and is one embedded system, so customers do not have to worry about integrations, end user adoption due to different applications or the maintenance of hardware infrastructure and software.

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