Our Pledge

We promise to follow these 7 principles when you schedule an introduction.

1. No sales pitches. No pressure.

If you are expecting a sales pitch, a product demo or a “Death by PowerPoint” presentation – we are probably going to disappoint you. We don’t do them.

2. Questions before answers.

Like a good doctor, we believe in diagnosing BEFORE prescribing. Our process is simple. We practice the Stephen Covey principle: “Seek to understand, before seeking to be understood.”

3. We walk in your shoes…before we recommend any solutions.

“You cannot know me until you walk a mile in my moccasins.” – American Indian Proverb.
Our Business Process experts lead a review session with your team to dive into your business. So our recommendations have impact.

4. People before technology.

Ever watch a salesperson get giddy about their software? They’re so enamored with technology, they forget about the people. Not us. We put people first.

5. Nurture. Nurture. Nurture.

Adapting to change is uncomfortable for 39% of people. Our implementation process eases the transition to new technology. Especially for your employees who need a little extra “hand-holding.”

6. If we cannot help you, we will tell you upfront.

Many talk about transparency. We live it. If we cannot help you, or don’t have something you need, we’ll tell you. And we’ll even suggest resources that can help.

7. Embrace customization requests.

We’re big enough to customize, and small enough for personal attention. You’ll never feel treated “like a number.”

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